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Custom Roman & Roller Shades from My Blind Spot

When you want a more elegant look for your home, consider custom shades by My Blind Spot. We install beautiful window shades for your home in the Virginia Beach, VA area. We offer a wide variety of shade styles, colors, and fabrics to perfectly contrast or complement your style. Particularly sunny rooms can benefit from the addition of shades to block out harsh sunlight and heat during the summer months. If you don’t want to darken your room completely, we have a variety of shade options to simply diffuse sunlight, making it softer and more pleasant. Explore the types of shades we offer and get in touch with us because we’re happy to help you.

Window Shades for Any Style

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many different styles of shades. No matter what interior decoration style your home has, there’s a set of shades to complement it. After selecting your style, you’ll choose your colors or materials as well. Different shade types offer different lighting solutions to your otherwise sun-kissed room. Let us know what you need or call us to bring out one of our specialists to your home. We specialize in the following types of shades:

  • Roller Shades – This common shade style is popular for many reasons. These classic window coverings offer a timeless style and simplicity. Roller shades block out light while protecting your privacy. They’re easy to incorporate into any room regardless of color schemes and styles. You can have your roller shades customized to your liking, including valance type, color choice, and lift type. Roller shades are budget-friendly and easy to clean. They’re available in cordless options, but require precise measurements to maximize privacy and light blocking.
  • Roman Style Shades – Add elegance to any room with a variety of design options such as plush, full fabric, or crisp folded or pleat designs. These classic window treatments remain popular and have many customization options allowing you to match your home’s décor. Roman shades offer maximum light control with the ability to block light or use a blackout liner.
  • Cellular Shades – Some people know them as honeycomb shades. Cellular shades are energy-efficient and offer a clean, contemporary aesthetic. They offer a subtle texture and will enhance your windows without overshadowing your current décor. Honeycomb shades may be perfect for your home and are available in a range of colors and options.
  • Woven Wood Shades – Made from natural, renewable resources, woven wood shades are stylish and efficient. These shades can add a casual and natural feel to your existing décor. Choose from a multitude of colors and styles, including grasses, bamboo reeds, and Jutes. Woven wood shades allow the light to enter your room while maximizing your privacy.
  • Sliding Panels – Choose sliding panel shades for patio doors, sliding glass doors, or oversized windows. They can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and operate by sliding back and forth on a track. Sliding panels are easy to operate and won’t interfere with opening the door. These shades are effective at blocking light and adding privacy and come in a variety of options.

Big windows with shades

  • Skylight Cellular Shades – Shades are available for more than just your windows or doors. Skylights are a great way to allow light in your home, but sometimes the sun is too bright, or you simply don’t want to use them anymore. Skylight cellular shades will enable you to block light and add an extra layer of insulation.
  • Screen Shades – This option can keep the light and heat out of your home. You can choose your fabric color and density, which both contribute to the solar, optical, and thermal performance of your screen shades.

Why Choose Shades for Your Windows?

You have choices when it comes to window treatments, and in all honesty, you can’t go wrong with any of the products offered by My Blind Spot. With that being said, there are many benefits and features that shades can provide. They provide beautiful form and function and can give you a finished and tailored look. Window shades are functional, durable, and energy-efficient. They offer security and privacy and protect your home from unwanted sun glare. They’re customizable and available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Most shades are easy to clean and operate.

Find Inspiration for Your New Shades Today

If you’re ready to upgrade your space with new window treatments, shades are an excellent choice. They not only look beautiful but also provide great function by blocking or diffusing sunlight and providing privacy. You can find inspiration for your home shade renovation by seeing all our samples. You’ll get the chance to see shades in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. We can visit your home for a free consultation so you can see how your new shades will look with your current décor. Contact us today to schedule a time for us to visit!

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